In Mankind’s march from cave to metropolis,
He seems to have left out half of the populace.
With a babe in her arms and a pot in her hand,
Alone as unwaged worker today woman stands.

While he brags of technological progress galore,
Sophisticated weapons to play soldiers and more –
Oh, much more.
The blow to our earth might be terminal,
But yet his insistence is firm in all
Cases woman must not rove,
She must crouch by the fire, stand by the stove.

Oh yes, he’s responsible for all these advances,
To hydrogen bombs from silly war dances.
He does it for her – is his explanation;
While she’s kept enslaved – poor justification.
But mounting within her is great indignation,

And when it explodes to his consternation
She’ll emerge from her cave mouth
Walk out her door,
And the battle of Sexes from undeclared war
Will ring to the treetops and down the mean streets,
And from her first triumphs she’ll learn victory’s sweet.

So sisters, don’t hesitate – when, where shall we meet?
Together we’ll go, black, white, brown and red,
We’ll turn from directions that men had once tread.
With our banner of Feminism proudly unfurled,
We’ll march out united and create a new world.

                                                         b warrior
November 1973


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